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The Harvard Aging Brain Study (HABS) is an observational study that aims to find out whether the changes that a doctor sometimes sees on a brain scan are related to early memory changes that occur in older healthy adults.

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The Harvard Aging Brain Study has published over 150 manuscripts contributing to the field of Alzheimer’s Disease research in major journals such as Nature, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Neurology, and more. We invite researchers of diverse fields to expand and explore data used in this project, as both imaging and neuropsychological data are publicly available upon […]

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Despite COVID-19, we at the Harvard Aging Brain Study are still hard at work!

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Recent Tweets

🥁 Our 1st paper of the year is our 1st one with longitudinal #tau PET in the Colombian kindred with #Alzheimers! 🥳 So exciting! 😊 Check it out! So proud of the #COLBOS team! Congrats to Justin @sanchez_js1 & all co-authors! 👍🏼 @AlzheimersRes | @ISTAART

Another excellent publication by @sanchez_js1 and colleagues from @HarvardAging @MGHGordon @MGHNeurology @MGHMartinos @MGHmapp just out today! 🥳 So proud to be among the co-authors of this important paper! 😊 congrats, Justin! 🥂 keep up the great work!🤩

Our own Aubryn Samaroo just published her first paper on diminished learning curves over months in preclinical AD- check it out! @bucklr01 @kpsparks15 @HarvardAging @ADRCMass

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